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Demolition and Strip Outs Surrey.

Soft strip demolition means the demolition and safe removal of soft materials, like plasterboard partitions, timber, carpets, doors, and frames. JR recycling would be happy to help you out with your clearance needs.

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Demolition Strip Out Contractors

Soft strip demolition involves the demolition and safe removal of soft materials, such as plasterboard partitions, timber, carpets, doors, and frames.

What is soft strip out demolition?
Soft strip demolition is simply the process of dismantling the internals of a building apart, piece by piece. The soft strip process involves the safe removal of materials inside and outside the building, including but not limited to, floor coverings, ceilings, tiles, plasterboard, fixtures, fittings, cables, glass, and studs. 

Essentially, soft strip demolition focuses on the demolition of non-structural elements of the building, while maintaining the structure of the actual building for future reconstruction.   

Soft strip demolition comes in handy if you wish to renovate, refurbish, or remodel the property. In essence, it eliminates the need for conducting a full- scale demolition, as it does not affect the structure of the premises. 

Demolition and Strip Outs Surrey

Cost-Effective Soft Strip Company

We’re a leading, cost-effective demolition strip out contractor operating throughout the United Kingdom.

We are considered one of the leading soft strip contractors in the soft strip industry, we take exceptional pride in our ability to execute selective and total interior demolition projects. We are proficient in performing soft strip projects in any occupied or vacant environment, such as office buildings, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, shopping centres and hospitals. 

JR Recycling’s strip outs team are interior dismantling experts who take special care in providing our clients with schedules and precisely coordinated tasks that address all of the clients operational requirements so that work is performed seamlessly and without interruption to daily operations.

All soft strip projects are handled with the utmost concern for safety of both the customer and our employees. Our crews are sensitive to and proficient in performing tasks that demand stringent controls with regard to dust, noise and vibration. 

We offer our demolition soft strip services in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Cost-Effective Soft Strip Solutions

Why consider us as your preferred soft strip out contractors?

If you are reaching the end of your lease and not only do you want to fulfil the requirements of your end of lease contract, but you want to minimise any potential hazards in the process.

The experienced professionals at JR Recycling are here to help. Our highly competitively priced and nationwide renowned soft strip out, de-fit and demolition services have helped countless commercial operators throughout the United Kingdom with this exact, invaluable solution. 

A professional soft strip out, executed by seasoned professionals, offers a truly unrivalled result.  We have never met a space we couldn’t strip out. With our help, you will be able to return your commercial space to as good as new, all conducted in a safe and secure fashion. 


Jason and his team are always super reliable. We have used them on many occasions and I can’t recommend them enough! Always 10/10 service!!
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